At Van Laack, we produce a wider variety of medical wear and protective items in the latest materials and styles. From protective gowns or hairnets to professional medical wear, we can customize everything to your business's needs. We ensure the quality of our products by producing them in our own factories.

Medical Fashion

Discover our new medical fashion collection. We have the perfect products for your needs, whether it's a doctor's coat or a scrub. We produce for you tailor-made the clothes you need. For example, we can print your logo on the items and create special colors for you. To see our full collection, please click on "more products"

More products

Together with our partner minilu we have launched our medical fashion collection, which can now be purchased by following the button "shop now". For direct inquiries please use the contact form below.
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Our valued clients & partners

Govermental institutions, hospitals, industry leaders.

About us


Founded in Berlin, van Laack’s rich tapestry of superior craftsmanship, quality materials and exquisite designs over the century are the reasons we have remained the top choice as the apparel producer for luxury markets worldwide.

Currently headquartered In Mochengladbach, our team continues to innovate and have expanded our range to include healthcare products.


We were one of the earliest responders when the COVID19 pandemic hit Germany. In combination with our global network, fashion knowledge, and the latest healthcare innovation, we provided the country with a safe and reliable solution, with style. As a result, we became Germany’s market leader in reusable face masks, with over 140 million delivered, and sold in over 20.000 stores nationwide.

Our proudest moment yet, is having tens of thousand of healthcare professionals protected and dressed in van Laack everyday.

Industry leaders, German government & Police force trust our expertise, capabilities and reliability in protecting their personnel. Our products are not only internationally , as well as strict German and EU standards compliant for face masks, they are also made using the latest Swiss technology that exceed the standard production requirements.


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